Thursday, April 17, 2014


The tradition in old Amana was to make something in your spare time for the children or home. In this case it is the lovely work of Mrs. L. Rettig who made small crocheted animals, including rabbits. They were anywhere from an inch to 8"tall and used to decorate mostly at Easter. When only religious decorations were allowed in the homes, these brought some brightness to the home and cheer to the children and families in the communal era before 1932. There were also baskets of eggs, dogs, lambs, chickens, turkeys and such, some mounted on cardboard bases  The needlework of the Amana women showed their creativity, skill, and originality as many animals were made without patterns and few materials. The art of these animals was as real as the simplicity and thriftiness of the people in communal Amana. A delight to collect and show today.

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