Monday, May 19, 2014


Another early Amana painter who was inspired by artist friend, Carl Flick,  was John Noe, who was born in Amana in 1900, lived here all his life until his death in 1954. He was a self-taught artist with no formal training but managed to paint about 200 paintings which are all over the country. He began painting at the age of 44 in the 1940's when the communal system of Amana had long ended. His main focus before then was woodworking. He won numerous awards for his work of Amana street and barn scenes, including the Popularity Award at the Iowa State Fair. One of his works entitled "Dilapidated Barns" is in the collection of Mr. Dwight Eisenhower family. He was highly skilled and had a refined look to his work with nice use of detail and composition. His interest in sketching when be was young eventually led to his fine artistic visions of old Amana. The birds are in my collection and last photo was taken at an auction house.

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