Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Joseph Presetele, master lithographer, was born in Jettinger, Bavaria, Germany in 1796 and died in Amana in 1867. He learned much about garden plants and propagation from a local nursery and his father in his German hometown. Joseph is responsible for inspiring flower gardening in Amana where it was not supported at first. He became head gardener for king Ludwig 1st.  On the King's huge estate he was inspired to do drawings of botanicals which led to his skilled painting techniques and lithographs full of  artistic and scientific value. Lithography, techniques of engraving on stone, was started in Munich around the time he was born and so eventually it became his interest in life. He studied art in Vienna and Munich. In 1835 he joined the Amana Inspirationists, in 1843 came to Ebenezer with his family, studied more in NY, came to Amana where Leaders Metz and Moershel encouraged him to keep up his art where he did prints for the Amana Society, many unsigned for them. Father of 9 children, five of whom lived, and three Gottlieb, William, and Joseph, Jr. were artistic but not all followed in their fathers religious beliefs. Joseph, Sr. was an elder of the church while busy at this quite meticulous art of lithography.  Photos of my poster collection.


  1. What is the top photo of? Was it done by Prestele?

  2. It depicts the Amana Inspirationists journeyand settlements from The Ronneburg Castle in Germany to the Ebenezer Colonies in NY by boat. Done by Prestele when he was an Elder for the Church of True Inspirationists of Amana.