Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Imagine a pre-1932 setting with only kerosene lamps, wooden flatware, ironstone dishes, and spoons in a glass spoonholder. There were no napkins at the table and only a pot of coffee served on the table, water at a counter. Benches provide seating at tables where men and women are separated. The lights are low and the folks are hungry at this traditional communal meal setting. The tables are filled with wholesome foods, the menu practically the same day to day except when varied fruits and vegetables are in season. Food is well cooked by the kitchen boss and her helpers with no modifications. They are taught discipline, structure, mentoring and teamwork. There are three meals a day with a light snack at mid morning and afternoon. Wine and cider are also added at certain times. A best typical meal may be roasted pork loin, dried cooked peas, sweet sauer red cabbage salad, pickled cucumber wedges, bread and butter, soon became with raspberry sauce, all locally grown and made from the 100 acres of garden space each village was alloted. What a great time and meal it would have been!

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