Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flower Gardens

Adornment and decoration of any kind was not permitted in early Amana. It was seen as a sign of worldviews pre 1932. But, somehow the planting of flowers finally slipped through as it was a "pleasure to the eye", as seen by artist, Prestele. The locals were happy to express their creativity through planting as it had been pent up for six generations. Flowers burst out everywhere around most dwellings, churches, and schoolyards. June to October was very colorful and still is. One source of the decorative and many plants was the banks of the Iowa river. Native ferns, blue bells, columbine, dutchman breeches, lady's slippers orchid. Most ferns were on north side of house still seen today. The greatest and rarest is the fern leaf peony. A rare clove currant vine is used to flavor wines, pies, jams, and jelly. All the colors and plantings helps attract tourists as well. As in their German homeland, the Inspiationists created beauty with zenias, roses, marigolds, geraniums, snap dragons and more. All were laid out with great precision, as were their gardens, and cared for with equal devotion. A 1933 Bulletin article encouraged locals to maintain attractive flower beds to attract tourists coast to coast which would in turn increase trade and business in the Amanas. It is encoraged today as well.

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