Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Pretzel

Holiday baking in Amana is and was always special with many generations of a family baking together in the kitchen, whether it was the old community kitchen or their modern one. Historically, the baking was done at the communal kitchen or the bakery as they were the only places with hearth ovens. In December the Elders and bakers would assign each family a baking day to use this old fashioned oven for their holiday cookies, drops, breads, and Stollen and the special, Pretzel. On New Years Day it was and is very much a tradition to serve Pretzel, pretzel shaped yeast bread or coffee cake. It is very light and sweet, often frosted with white icing. Some add shredded coconut, some add nuts. It is delicious, baked just before New Years Eve, served fresh it makes the holiday so special. 2troxelphotos

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