Sunday, January 18, 2015

Funeral Procession..

Always horse drawn, the beautiful locally-made pine wood casket, was placed in the back of the horse wagon and proceeded to the person's hometown cemetary where the village Elders and family planned a funeral with a luncheon and cakes to follow.  The driver, a very devoted worker, was ready whenever called. The family and friends would walk behind the wagon all the way to the cemetery in a procession dressed in black dress, bonnets, aprons, and suits. There are a few paintings done by renowned artists (John Noe) from the area that depict this scenario. A very solemn day in the lives of the Amana Church people and families. It was said that the faithful, horse wagon driver died two weeks after the motorized hearse was introduced along with the new mode of travel-the car.  Ironically, it was told, that he was the was the first person to be placed into the back of Valentine's new hearse from nearby Marengo. I am sure he rode in style as much as he drove in style. Karl Flick painting, "Amana Funeral" 1933-34, photo from AHS online

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