Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Kinderschule

The Kinderschule was a special place for children ages 3-5,  a preschool tended to by the older ladies of communal Amana so the younger women could work in the community  kitchens and gardens. The Kinderschule  care providers were often known to the children because of the closeness of the community. Some were like extended family members to the children. The working mothers would visit at noon and pick children up after work.  In this one room day care, separate from the regular schools, teachers focused on the German language, games, songs, and rhymes, not book learning. Here the children played in fenced schoolyards and enjoyed snacks as bread and butter with molasses, coffee with milk and lots of love.  All the children felt a sense of belonging to the community at an early age as they were seen as important citizens and could learn to fill a real need when more hands were needed. This Kinderschule still stands and is located east of the Middle Amana Church.

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