Sunday, February 23, 2014


The blacksmith was another great craftsman of the communal Amana era. He brought his crafted with him from Germany where he learned it starting at the age of 14-17. He would apprentice with a master blacksmith for 4 years.  He would learn and use these basic ironwork processes: annealing, brazing, case hardening, tempering, laying and welding. The blacksmith made many of his own tools, usually located on the forge near the fire pit. They included files, swages, taps, dies, drills, calipers, grindstones, and a polish machine. Most of his work consisted of shoeing the horses and oxen used on the Amana farms. He also did ironwork on wagons made straps, hooks, and bolts for wagons, repaired items, and sharpened iron items.  Our shop today is on the site of the late George Schuhmacher, master blacksmith of Amana, home. His shop was across the street. The railings of the shop were made by him and bare his initials HS. The sidewalk below has his horseshoes embedded for all to see his trade and talent.

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