Friday, February 14, 2014

Sternekuchen Mold

Amana Colonies tinsmithing shops in the communal era from 1855-1932, were fully equipped with machinery imported from Germany and Chicago. The tinsmiths provided most of the utensils used in the community kitchens, as well as for winemaking, butchering, and other industries. The star-shaped wedding cake mold was made for wedding cakes, usually a marble cake. These pans were large as baking for many was the rule. No two molds were exactly alike as they were handcrafted. The pan was an octagon with 4 points and 4 rounded corners which had either a square or round open center which would ensure that the cake would bake evenly. Some are still made today by a local tinner. These pans are rare and highly prized.

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  1. This blog is a series of history bits and images of old and new arts and crafts in Amana Colonies in Iowa mainly prior to 1932 when the colonists were in a communal society.