Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amana, Remain True

My little town of Amana was named after a mountain mentioned in one of the biblical songs of Solomen. It means "remain true" or remain faithful ( Bleib Treu ) to the Inspirationists of the Amana Church. This area was so attractive to these original colonists for its extremely fertile soil, many acres of lush timber, stone quarries and clay. All were very suitable for a move from Ebenezer , New York to Amana from 1855. to 1862, after pulling their roots in Germany because of religious persecution.  The Colonies were settled to make up seven villages located on 26,000 beautiful, productive acres. It became a communal system, all shared by all in a self-sufficient setting. Members of the community worked for a common use and belief UNTIL 1932 when the communal system ended. The church still "remains true" to its beliefs and practices in Amana today.

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