Thursday, May 29, 2014


Carl Flick, born in 1904 in West Amana, had a great appreciation for arts an
d crafts at an early age. He was a West store clerk and worked at Amana Refrigeration. He took Saturday morning art classes, thrived, and began painting a lot by the late 1920's at age 25. Flick studied at the Grant Wood Art Colony in Stone City painting his impressions of Amana life with great interest, passion, and understanding of local customs and people. He befriended ,through a letter at first, the famous painter, Grant Wood, who came to visit Flick often. Grant Wood taught and inspired Flick to become a regionalist painter with some clout. He showed his paintings April 17, 1932 at Amana's first art show in Iowa shown at the Homestead hotel. Flick won several contests and awards including displays at the Chicago World's Fair, the Pennsylvania Academy of Art, the American Federation of Art, and in NY City, some of where he studied. He devoted his talent to scenes of Amana life and its beautiful, Iowa River valley landscapes. In 1932 he attended Grant Wood's Stone City art colony for a year, a great influence on him.  In that same year he was a member of the Amana society's committee that planned the "great change" to drop the communal system. He is known for "An Amana Interior", "An Amana Funeral", and " Self Portrait ". Due to bad eyesight , Flick had to stop painting in the mid 60's. He passed away in his home in 1976. Google images Plat...Hoehnle..AHS...


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