Wednesday, May 28, 2014


William F. Noe (1898-1978),  brother of John Noe both of Amana, was a great photographer and painter. He painted in a similar style and genre of his brother, not as refined or detailed but,  documented the Amana experience he lived, winning many awards in the short time he painted. Amana buildings and shadow work were the focus of his paintings and photos. He also played the violin, repaired clocks, and helped the Amana Society with his professional style photos for brochures and pamphlets after the Great Change in 1932 when he served as treasurer. In the early 1920's he worked as a clerk at the Amana General Store and fifty years later opened one of the first antique shops. He also was a church elder, writer, grafted Apple trees, and family man...quite a talent he had in many areas. Photos of local restaurant collection.

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