Wednesday, June 25, 2014


DER STRUWWELPETER (Wild hair head Peter,1845), is a German children's book that my German parents and I grew up with. By Heinrich Hoffman [1809-1894], it is made up of 10 illustrated and rhymed stories mostly about children written in reaction to lack of "good" children's books written in a very exaggerated,  extreme way in extreme times. The stories are clever and grim but meant to teach children a clear lesson on moral character. Originally written for 3-6 year olds, some kids are scared, some fascinated by them but the humor is sick by today's standards. The drawings are charming and rustic and translated into several languages. Many  music, film, and stage adaptations of these stories have appeared over the years to present times. One of the stories is about what happens to naughty Conrad who sucks his thumb when his mom is not looking? Long Legged Scissor Man leaps out and cuts his thumbs off with a huge pair of scissors, of course. And...what about Augustus who wouldn't' t eat his soup? He starved to death, naturally!..according to these stories of long ago. Oh, what consequences.... No sugar coating here!  

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