Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Famous

AMANA REFRIGERATION, INC. now Whirlpool, formerly Maytag is a world famous maker of refrigerators and other appliances for the home and industry. It was originally called Amana Equipment Company in 1932 when it was started in High by High Amana resident George Foerstner. It was bought by Amana Society in 1936 and moved to Middle Amana. In 1943 it recovered from a fire, by 1944 was still successful and in 1950 became Amana Refrigeration, Inc.under new owner Howard Hall with Mr. Foerstner General manager. In 1965 The Amana Refrigeration Co. Merged with Raytheon Corporation and Mr. Foerstner named president. Upright, frost free refrigerators and the microwave oven known as the Radarrange since 1967 were all made at the Middle plant. Air conditioners were made at a second plant in Fayetville, TN. At one time the Middle plant employed some 2500 workers from 100 area towns. The site was once a woolen mill as well. The original tower still stands.  I once gave college summer tours, office work, and made Radarrange doors there for college tuition, as several of my friends did. What a learning experience that was.

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