Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quilt Frames

One of the main pieces needed to make the Amana quilt (comforter) was the Quilt Frame, made by the local carpenter. It was made up of four wooden boards about 1" by 108" by 98", depending on the size of the bed. The boards had holes drilled down the lengths of them and as the material was quilted the holes served as holders for pins to hold the rolled work in place on the frame. Village blacksmiths used to make iron pins which could be fitted into holes to hold the frame securely as the quilt was quilted. Heavy ticking material was tacked to the boards and that is where the quilt material was then sewn on so it could be quilted. The four boards were put on stands about 26.5 inches off the floor, weighted down by heavy crossboards made of wood. Baby quilts, double and single, and now queen and king sizes can be made on these frames, all popular,traditional designs as the serpent (Schlangen Kranz) and diamond (Karo) patterns.

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