Monday, August 18, 2014

Salesmen Samples

When traveling around the countryside selling Amana woolens and CALICO goods, salespeople would have samples of the items they were selling. Ten men, mainly Amana men, were on the road part of the year selling for the Amana Woolen Mill. They were known as honest and dealing fairly all the way to both coasts of the USA. Some customers had bought their goods since the Ebenerzer days of old Amana in NY. The samples were miniature models or small pieces of fabrics on folders to show potential customers what they were selling. Each was nicely laid out and presented. In Amana, the CALICO and woolens were sold to an outside market. AMANA believed in manufacturing "good goods" for CALICO and woolens. The samples were placed on cards and patterns identified. These are nice to frame and hang on the wall as samples of the beautiful fabrics once made and sold in early Amana.


  1. My Opa was a salesman for the Woolen Mill, traveling by train to places like St. Louis, Chicago and Kansas City. He always bought postcards of his locations and I still have them.