Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Chest

There were a variety of chests found in old Amana homes. They were in various sizes and some were plain wooden chests with hinged lids, some had painted surfaces of blue or green or brown, and some had added handmade wrought iron handles to port family possessions. Some had recessed panels and hand rubbed finishes. Writing was found on some as to the destination of the chest from Ebenezer or Germany. One popular chest at sales is referred to as the Brandk├║ste or the fire chest as it held the most important family possessions and in case of a fire, it was the first to be moved easily out of a burning building, with its oval metal handles on each end. The two front doors on this low chest made it easy to store papers, garments and valuable items. The cabinetmaker, even though he did not identify any of his creations with a mark or name, did fine work on these prized pieces.

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  1. Renate, I am curious as to where you photographed these chests and are they or any of them for sale?