Sunday, November 9, 2014

Iowa Valley Byway

In 1998 an Iowa county committee of three developed a plan for a new Iowa Valley Scenic Byway. It was supported by the Iowa Department of Transportation. The prime time for the creation of these scenic roads was 1910-1926, now numbered instead of named. A new Byway logo and signage was created along with outreach programs to create an awareness of this new Byway. It runs from Tama, including the Native American Mesquakie Settlement,  to the Amana Colonies, focusing on the cultural and historical attributes of the trail towns.  It is 77 miles long and follows the Iowa River Valley including Iowa, Benton and Tama counties. It passes through the towns of Amana Colonies, Marengo, Kosta, Chelsea, Tama, and Montour. There are some incredible views and wildlife habitats to see along the Iowa River trail while bypassing the main traffic areas.

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