Friday, December 19, 2014

Broomstick Christmas Tree

For a special homemade Christmas tree in early Amana, evergreen boughs were collected and punched into a wooden pole or broomstick laden with drilled holes to hold the fresh greens that were anchored to a stand. Green boughs were gathered from nearby cemetaries or evergreen stands in the woods.The gifts were placed on a tabletop decorated with cookies, candy, small toys, and surrounded by a small picket fence. No gifts were wrapped but all were original and imaginative, arranged carefully, left  open, all on the white linen tablecloth under the tree. A nativity set was also under the special tree. The Christmas Angel was placed at the very top of the tree and about two dozen candles filled the branches and lit the tree. The two holidays ( Feiertage) celebrated for Christmas were filled with joy, treasures, and prayer, a tradition adopted from 18th century Germany. It's predecessor was the wooden pyramid Christmas decoration which originated in the Ore Mountains of Germany. Net photos...

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