Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amana Welfare Club

In 1920, The Homestead Welfare Club brought about fun, relaxed, social gatherings and movies to the Colonies. The club, which had a president, Secretary, and other officers, ushered in a new era in Amanas. Two large events were special, the Christmas party and the 4th of July celebration. I remember Easter egg hunts as well, dances to the Epics, a local band, and wedding receptions. The Amana AWA building was purchased by Ken Denzin in the late 80's, and then in 2004 by C. Burkhalter, both for antique malls.  All this was introduced by the doctors that had cars and new ideas. This club represented all the social activity  not associated with the church. National Geographic was one of the magazines enjoyed in this club, later that crew coming to Amana to feature a great story in the magazine. A club started in Amana in 1935 , in West in 1933 where they had a tennis, bowling, pool table, and reading rooms. All facets of the community could join. Eventually a Young Mans Bureau formed in 1941 and they sang at special events and church services.

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