Friday, January 2, 2015

Crispy Pancake

With the start of tourism in Amana, shops and restaurants began to spring up. In 1936, 1940, 1948, 1950,1968 and one beyond.  All served family style, bowls and platters  of food refilled when empty, much like the old communal kitchens where some of these restaurants stand now. Breakfasts in Amana are very special- you must come hungry. There are platters of eggs, sausage, potatoes, bacon, fruit bowls and of course, my favorite, the crispy pancake, which is served on a large plate. This is a this, crispy pancake made on a hot, flat grill. The batter is light, made thin with crispy edges, much like crepe, served with syrup or homemade jelly. It can be rolled up or eaten as is and can be refilled if you can do it!!

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