Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taglohner or Hired Hands

Taglohners or day workers as they were called, would come from outside towns and find themselves hired to help the community kitchen bosses. They did work for the locals as well, cleaning out houses, chicken houses, did painting and heavy lifting. They also worked on the farms, forests, flour, calico, woolen mills, and more. The some 300 Taglohner hired in 1891, worked for 5.00 a month. Some stayed a few days, others years because they were well liked and worked hard. Houses provided were at one end of town, in High all on the west side, now private houses. Socially, they taught the colonists about "outside world" card games, cars, and more. They did not join the church or participate in the communal system but maintained good relations with locals and liked Amana for its hospitality.

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