Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Stammtisch, German for regulars table, is a table for a social group that meets in the homeowners bar, basement, restaurant, or out building for a cocktail hour and social conversation. Sometimes a newly brewed wine or beer is sampled.
Traditionally, the meeting table is marked with a somewhat elaborate sign reserving it for regulars. Historically, such a meeting might involve socializing
 card playing (such as skat), and often political or philosophical discussions. The words "Stammtischpolitik" (Stammtisch politics) and "Stammtischniveau" (Stammtisch level), describe the simplified nature of Stammtisch discussions, and have an established metaphorical usage in describing simplified political and social discussions beyond the Stammtisch itself.

Today a Stammtisch is not connected to a specific social status. It is now all about community, intimacy and common interests.