Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amana Cakes

At a traditional Old Amana wedding, held in the main church, the bride and groom stood before the Elder and congregation, together, for the first time on THAT day, their wedding day. They had been separated beforehand to prove their love for each other. At the wedding there were no rings, no flowers, no color, no attendants. Afterwards, the bride's family went up to the kitchen house for a luncheon and where there were many traditional cakes to be served. A later reception was held at the groom's home for more fun.. The cakes were and still are special, beautiful, luscious, tasty and plentiful. Some 30 cakes had 2-3 layers, rich with nuts, chocolate, coconut, carmel, angel food, and the main Sternkuchen or star-shaped cake, from a mold made by the local tinsmith, was a standout. In the past, the cakes were made by the ladies of the kitchen house, now by friends, relatives, and church ladies, always the center of interest at a wedding reception. They were displayed for all to enjoy and later whisked away to be sliced and arranged on trays for ease of serving. The tradition of cakes is still enjoyed at weddings, funerals, and graduations. My favorite was always Marie S.'s poppy seed cake with vanilla sauce which she made for our wedding.  4troxelphotos

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