Sunday, July 27, 2014


In 1843, an inspired leader of the Amana Colonies, Christian Metz, organized the community's move from Germany to America. By 1845 over 800 Inspirationalists had settled in Ebenezer New York, near Buffalo. They established a communal system and chose to be a self sufficient religious commune with skilled artisans who could supply them with needed tools for life. The potter, like the blacksmith and tinsmith, was an important craftsman. Ebenezer had several potters who made redware clay pieces for storing, cooking and other domestic tasks. Potter's, Clements Schnetzler(1807-1875), German ;John Fritz (1828-1913), Swiss; Frederick Kern (around 1855), German,  and  Rinehart Hougle, French,  who died in 1851. By 1870, there were no potter's in the township of West Seneca, New York. There are no defeats lotteries in Amana today. These pitchers and pots were wheel thrown with plentiful red clay and a streaked or splotched glaze, glossy after firing, was used to decorate the vessels. Very beautiful pieces of pottery and highly prized...

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