Sunday, July 27, 2014

Architecture of Amana

Amana's unique architecture draws you into this quaint village. The craftsmen' s attention to detail, use of natural materials, and the handmade quality give the buildings a rich, old world character. The old buildings were simple with no d...ecoration, well proportioned, and very strong as they were used for over a century. The sandstone, brick and unpainted wood buildings were made of all local materials. Around Amana, acres of timber, 2 sandstone quarries, one in Amana and one just west of West Amana supplied plenty of building material for teams of oxen to pull in when needed in Amana and West. The brick buildings were mainly built in Middle, Amana and Homestead as there was a good quality red clay discovered in the hills of Amana. Bricks were made fired in Amana in handmade kilns.

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