Sunday, July 27, 2014


Crocheting was done for many generations in the Amana Colonies in the form of toys and functional items. Wool and Cotton yarns were used to make animals and figures. with their accessories such as rabbits with eggs, Santa's with bags of toys or hens with nests and many more. Handmade steel crochet hooks of many sizes were used for tiny stitches. Some hooks were made of wood or bone. Each was very unique and from one to six inches in size, a fun piece to collect ,decorate or play with.

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  1. I fell in love with these little crocheted treasures on our first visit to the Amana Colonies on our honeymoon in May of 1976. Along with Bill Metz's cookie cutters, they are my favorite Amana traditions. Now when we come for Prelude to Christmas, we take the Home Tour and I'm always delighted to see them in the homes, and on the Christmas Pyramids. Our Kids and Grandkids come with us in May for Maifest and we have so much fun sharing our love of the Colonies with them.