Thursday, July 24, 2014


Die Schubkarre or Der Schubkarren or wheelbarrow, made entirely of wood in old Amana, is a beautiful form with a great function and necessity. The wagon shop in each village where carpenters would make these in different sizes for the colony gardens and kitchen houses where most of the garden tools would be found. Some were built for children or for home use. They were usually painted green, reddish, or brown. The wood be steamed and then curved into a wheel shape. The gardens comprised several acres in  each village so hauling dirt, scrubs, vegetables, etc. in wheelbarrow was a time-saving task. Many vegetables were grown, hauled and prepared in countless hours for no pay but the members were given allowance for clothes and household items. The Schubkarre was used on a daily basis in old Amana and some are still around and used today. Most are seen as a fine folk art and displayed on porches, yards, or tables.

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